The Office of the Student Ombuds serves as a confidential, informal, and impartial resource for undergraduate and graduate students who may have a University-related concern or problem. Other members of the Georgetown community, including faculty and staff, are also welcome to contact the Office with any student-related questions or concerns. The Student Ombuds assists visitors in identifying options that might bring resolution to a problem, suggests appropriate referrals, or may offer to mediate in a dispute.

Our office is independent of University administration. We adhere to the Standards of Practice of the International Ombuds Association (IOA) and are required to maintain an active membership with the IOA. We are skilled in active-listening, mediation, negotiation, facilitation, conflict coaching and other resolution techniques.

Want to know more about the ombuds profession? An ombuds, also ombudsman or ombudsperson, is a Swedish word that literally means “representative.” An ombuds is someone who assists individuals and groups to resolve conflicts or concerns. This video provides an overview: