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Special Note from the Ombuds…

When a visitor comes to my office for the first time, whether that’s in person or on Zoom, I always take time at the beginning of the meeting to introduce myself and explain how Ombuds practice confidentiality, impartiality, independence and informality. I may ask the visitor to provide some background about themselves – for instance, are they undergraduate or graduate students, or if there are any other relevant identities they feel comfortable sharing, and then I let the visitor talk and explain the issue or concern they’re having. I work together with the visitor to problem-solve and explore options that may help them to resolve a dispute or conflict or to navigate campus resources in a way they may not have thought about previously. My main goal is to make visitors feel comfortable, supported and heard.

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If you need to speak to the Student Ombuds about a university-related question, concern or dispute, contact the office via email at, call 202-784-1081 or schedule an appointment.